World first invisible Qur’an displayed at Tehran Qur’an exhibit

A copy of the Holy Qur’an written with invisible ink has been showcased at the 22nd International Holy Qur’an Exhibition in Tehran.

Inscribed by Mohsen Khanjari Anbouhi, the handwritten copy is the world’s first invisible Qur’an, which has been displayed in the Written Works Section of the exhibition.

Khanjari’s masterpiece has been written in Naskh calligraphy by using nanotechnology and invisible real gold ink that can only be seen under a special light.

The copy is in Uthman Taha style and each page measures 29 by 20 centimeters.

“The ink used in writing the copy only becomes visible when infrared light is shed on it,” Khanjari said.

He plans to donate the copy to Astan-e Quds Razavi after the conclusion of the Qur’an exhibit.

Many Iranian and international artists have flocked to the 22nd International Holy Qur’an Exhibition in Tehran to present their latest creations.

Representatives from 16 countries including Spain, Russia, Kuwait, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Turkey and several other countries are displaying a variety of their works at the exhibit of this year.

Iran’s international Qur’an exhibition which is annually held during the blessed month of Ramadan, aims at stimulating development and promotion in concepts of the holy Qur’an.

The 22nd International Holy Qur’an Exhibition kicked off at the Sacred Defense Garden Museum on July 6, and will be running until July 22.

By Press TV


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