Iranian health minister writes letters to Muslim counterparts on Gaza

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Health Minister Seyed Hassan Hashemi in separate letters to his counterparts in different Muslim countries asked for the immediate dispatch of medical aids and equipment to the Gaza people who have been under heavy Israeli fire for two weeks now.

“Sending immediate medical and treatment aids to the oppressed Palestinian people and preventing more bloodshed by the Zionist regime is the common responsibility of all international bodies and Muslim states, specially in the holy month of Ramadan” Hashemi’s letter said.

He voiced concern over the continued siege of the Gaza Strip, the dire shortage of medical aids and facilities for treating the wounded and the impossibility of sending humanitarian aids to the Gaza Strip, and warned that this situation would turn into a big human catastrophe.

Israel has been pounding the blockaded Gaza for 14 consecutive days, killing at least 505 people and injuring more than 3,100 others.

Four out of every five Palestinians killed during Israel’s ongoing military offensive in Gaza have been civilians, including dozens of women and children, the United Nations said last Monday.

The Palestinian health ministry announced earlier this month that the Israeli army uses internationally-banned weapons in its military aggression against the population in the besieged Gaza Strip, urging all concerned organizations to visit the Strip and document Israel’s war crimes.

Deputy Health Minister Yousuf Abul-Rish told a news conference that the medical staff in Gaza hospitals found deep lacerations in the bodies of victims that can only be caused by unconventional lethal weapons.

Abul-Rish stated that Israel used warships, warplanes and artillery guns that are only used against other large armies to kill children, women and unarmed civilians in Gaza, which caused major physical disabilities to scores of victims.

He stressed that the use of such banned weapons against humans is a flagrant violation of the international law, specially the fourth Geneva convention.

By Fars News Agency


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