Merkel: Berlin to use its utmost to settle diplomatically nuclear issue

Berlin, Aug 18, IRNA – German Chancellor said that in nuclear talks between member states of the Group 5+1 with Iran progresses have been achieved and added that the German government will use all its efforts to reach to a political and diplomatic solution in this regard.
Responding to a question by IRNAˈs correspondent at a press conference in Berlin on Friday concerning Vienna VI nuclear talks and the possibility of extending the negotiations, Angela Merkel said that progress has been made in the talks, ˈbut we have not reached any final agreement as yet.ˈ

The German chancellor underlined that she did not want to recommend an offer on the results of the negotiations, and said, ˈBut I want to say that Berlin will use its utmost to reach to a diplomatic solution in the talks.ˈ

Answering another question concerning remarks by the US president Barack Obama about progress in nuclear talks and the necessity of extending the negotiations between Iran and the Group 5+1 to reach a final agreement, Merkel said that Germany and the USA have close cooperation in important international issues, including Iranˈs nuclear issue.

Vienna VI nuclear talks has been started since July 2 in Vienna, capital of Austria, and still is continuing intensively and negotiating sides, on the 17th day of talks, have intensive consultations concerning renewing talks after July 20 in their agenda.



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