Iranian parliamentarians voice support for nuclear negotiating team

A file photo of Iran’s Majlis

Tehran, July 16, IRNA – Iranian parliamentarians reiterated support for the countryˈs nuclear negotiating team and appreciated its performance.
In a statement signed by a strong majority of MPs on Wednesday, the parliamentarians stressed the importance of the remarks of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei regarding the nuclear talks.

They asked the nuclear negotiating team to abide by the Leaderˈs guidelines and refrain from making any agreement which could ignore Iranˈs need for 190,000 SUWs that is necessary for producing fuel for nuclear power plant.

The statement also urged the nuclear team to refrain from making any agreement that would result in exerting pressures by the G5+1 in the future and avoid any ambiguities in writing texts.

They also stated that research and development were two red lines for the Islamic Republic of Iran because reaching the needed production level in shortest possible time and at the lowest cost and highest quality was the requisite for this kind of technological know-how which also provides radio medicines needed by the public and effective in industrial development.

The parliamentarians, in their statement, stressed that Fordo is an important center for enrichment, development and research that should be maintained for the country.

They further underlined the need for the simultaneous removal of all sanctions.

They said the Iranian nuclear file should enjoy a normal process again and Tehran should be able to use the rights entailed in the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

*The word SUW used by the Supreme Leader on the nuclear issue is an abbreviation for measuring the power of the centrifuges, standing for the words Separative Work Unit.



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