UN, OIC must stop Israel’s crimes in Gaza: Iran MPs

A file photo of Iran’s Majlis

Iranian lawmakers have called on the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to help put an immediate end to Israel’s criminal acts against the Palestinians.

In a statement on Sunday, 210 Iranian legislators strongly condemned the Israeli regime’s brutal attacks in the Gaza Strip since July 8 and urged the international bodies to take urgent action to stop the killing of the Palestinians.

“The ruthless killing of oppressed children, women and men in Gaza in the holy fasting month of Ramdan by the savage Zionist regime (Israel) … has put on display the bitter and blood-soaked history of the oppressed Palestinian land,” the statement read.

The lawmakers added that the Israeli atrocities “have been supported by the US and its Western allies on the one hand and accompanied by the regrettable indifference of Muslim countries on the other.”

The lawmakers further pointed to the US and Israeli regime’s plots in the region, adding that Washington and Tel Aviv must be warned that their moves would definitely backfire on them.

Having failed and faced defeat in Syria after years of investment, the US, Britain and Israeli regime along with their regional allies imposed another serious crisis on Iraq with the purpose of inciting war and bloodshed in the Muslim world, the statement added.

Israeli warplanes have bombed some 1,300 targets in the Gaza Strip, killing at least 165 Palestinians since July 8. According to a UN report, nearly 80 percent of the victims have been civilians.

Israeli tanks have now lined up along the Gaza border, firing into the region. Tel Aviv has also mobilized some 33,000 reservists in preparation for a possible large-scale ground incursion.

Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, has warned that it is prepared to hit back at Israeli forces should the Tel Aviv regime launch a ground attack against Gaza.

By Press TV


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