Minister announces reversal of water-rationing plan

Iran’s Minister of Power has announced that the plan to ration water in Tehran and other large cities throughout the country has been dropped.

Khaneh Mellat reports that Power Minister Hamid Chitchian said that in recent years there has been good investment in the building of dams around Tehran and the capital now has five dams providing water for it.

He said this year, due to a fall in precipitation, the water in the dams has declined by 25 percent, and he renewed his call to city dwellers to cut back on their water consumption.

Earlier, the Iran Water and Sewage Company had announced that water must be rationed across the country, saying 517 cities are now facing a water crisis.

In addition, the Minister of Power has called for a 10-percent reduction in water consumption in all of Iran’s large cities. The change in the administration’s position on water rationing was not clearly explained by the minister.

By Radio Zamaneh


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