Araghchi: Sides unwilling to extend the deadline

TEHRAN, July 13 (MNA) – Iran’s senior nuclear negotiator has said there is little will in nuclear negotiators from both sides to extend the July 20 deadline.

Abbas Araghchi, who was speaking to Iran’s state TV IRIB today, said that the dominant mentality was to hammer out a final deal by July 20; “there is little will to extend the deadline to another six month, only if we conclude that few days are needed,” he added.

He believed that discussions would be ‘ready and well-prepared’ for political decisions after six months of the negotiations. “All discussions have been concluded; even, the precise limits have been decided,” said he, “ sections where there is still differences are known and in a meeting with the sextet, the grounds for making decisions are now prepared,” he added.

Araghchi told IRIB that approximately 60-70 per cent of the text had been agreed upon through what he described as ‘long hours of discussion and very difficult negotiation process.’

“In two or three next days, we could definitely say negotiations would come to an end by the deadline, or few days or weeks are required. We are not in a position to decide on the second six month period, but the dominant mentality is to come to an agreement by the present deadline,” Araghchi said, “as diplomats, we do our jobs, and to speak honestly, I would say that the success is half-and-half.”

By Mehr News Agency

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