Iran to become renewable energy hub: Scholar

Tehran July 8 (Shana)—Iran has the capacity to turn into a renewable energy hub given its ecological diversity, said an academic with the .

 Iraj Allahdadi, head of the Research Institute for Green Energy and the Environment, affiliated to the University of Tehran, said Iran has made major advances in regard to renewable energy. However, he said, “we are at the beginning of the path.”

Presently, the Energy Ministry has provided good facilities for those interested in using solar cells to meet parts of their energy needs, Allahdadi said.
“Generating electricity is not our only goal of developing solar energy,” he said, adding, “given the high humidity of southern parts of Iran, solar energy can also be used to produce sweet water in these areas.”   
Undoubtedly, it can be said that Iran will be able produce a significant part of its electricity from renewable energy, he said.  
On the impact of Western sanctions on Iran, Allahdadi said that although the sanctions have thrown some obstacles on the way of the country’s progress in developing green energy in recent years, they have caused the country to move towards self-sufficiency and increasing domestic capabilities in this regard. 



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