Daesh terrorists destroy Assyriansˈ ancient statues in Iraq

Tehran, July 8, IRNA – The twitter users posted images on Daesh terrorists destroying the 4,000-year-old statues of Assyrians in Iraq.
Al-Yum al-Sabe on Tuesday quoted ssome Twitter users as voicing discontent with the images and said Daesh terrorists and their savage acts have nothing to do with Islam.

Daesh have recently desecrated shrine of Hazrat Jonah (AS), ordering its destruction and banning pilgrimage visit to the shrine and that of Prophet Sheys.

Iraqi sources quoted Mosul citizens north of Iraq as saying that Daesh terrorists had started destroying and desecrating religious sites, churches and tombs of Christians in the city.

According to the sources, a number of Daesh elements attacked several churches in Mosul, smashing statues of Hazrat Maryam and Jesus (AS0, library and historical relics there, desecrating tombs of Christians.

One of the citizens of the region said Daesh tried to destroy all tombs and shrines in Mosul on the ground that the city was part of the so-called Islamic government.

The Takfiri terrorist group, the so-called Iraq and Sham Islamic government (Daesh), has since June captured parts of Iraq. However, parts of the occupied regions were liberated by Iraqi security forces but fierce battle is going on between the countryˈs army and terrorists and certain sections are still under Takfiri groupsˈ control.



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