33 nations eyeing Resistance fest

Tehran, July 8, IRNA — A total of 33 countries have so far announced their readiness to take part in the 13th Resistance International Film Festival.
 However, the eventˈs secretariat has yet to take any final decision on the entries.

A number of film companies have confirmed their participation in the event including those from the UK, France, the US, Lebanon, Qatar, Tunisia, Italy, Egypt, Tanzania, Ireland, Greece, Bangladesh, the UAE, Russia, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, China, Palestine, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Algeria, Afghanistan, Poland, Canada, Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

Feature movies and documentaries produced since January 2012 can contend in the festival.

The Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense Cinematic Community will hold this yearˈs festival with special focus on ˈResistance, Wisdom and Prosperityˈ.

The event will be presented in three sections of ˈInternational Competitionˈ, ˈImad Moqniyeh Awardˈ and the ˈOutlook of Iranˈs Resistance Cinema in the Worldˈ. The special section ˈImad Moqniyeh Awardˈ highlights terrorism and the crimes of Takfiri and Wahhabi groups.

The event will also host films presenting ˈA revealing image of the US and Zionism crimes in the worldˈ, ˈRegional and worldwide spread of Islamic Awakeningˈ, ˈA world free of terrorism and nuclear weaponsˈ, ˈThe role of Zionism and Wahhabism in desecration of Muslim beliefs and the Prophetˈ.

A number of meetings and conferences are also scheduled on the sidelines of the event.

The 13th International Resistance Film Festival is to take place during Iranˈs Sacred Defense Week from September 22 through 29, 2014.

The festival marks Iran’s Sacred Defense during the 1980-1988 Iraqi-imposed war, when Iranian soldiers fought against the forces of executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to defend the Islamic Republic against enemy aggressions.



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