South Pars phases 15&16 output to hit 40 mcm/d

TEHRAN July 5 (Shana)–Phases 15&16 of the massive gas field are expected to be producing 40 mcm/ of gas before the start of winter, managing-director of Pars Oil and Gas Company said.

Ali-Akbar Shabanpour said drilling operations in the two phases have already been completed.

He said hookup operations in Phase 16 are to be finished soon so that its platform would become operational by October.
Phases 15&16 of South Pars are currently producing 2 mcm/d of gas, Shabanpour said.
He added that cooling compressors are required in these two phases which are expected to finally produce 56.6 mcm/d of natural gas, 75,000 b/d of gas condensate, 400 tons a day of sulfur, 1.05 mt/year of liquefied petroleum gas, propane and butane as well as one million tons a year of ethane for feeding petrochemical plants.
South Pars currently supplies 300 mcm/d of natural gas to Iran gas trunklines, which equals 72 percent of the country’s total consumption.



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