French, American companies compete for Iran’s market

Nasim— Competition for the Iran’s market is fierce. Businesses across the world, but most notably in the US and France are getting ready to win the consumers’ of Iran.

US giants such as Chrysler, General Motors and Boeing are moving to establish themselves in Iran once sanctions are lifted. The latter is already authorized to export parts there under the temporary nuclear agreement reached between the West and Iran in November.

That is why French companies have also rushed to Tehran to get ready for business; “Make contacts on the spot, don’t wait until the last minute,” was the advice for French firms and entrepreneurs looking to make the most of such encounters, given by Michel Makinsky, a specialist on the Iranian economy, at a Cercle Iran Économie meeting in May.

Not to be outdone, French firms are also preparing for their return to Iran, France24 reports.It is a market that French firms used to know well and whose loss has been costly. Renault is currently searching for a financial partner for an Iranian relaunch, while Peugeot boss Maxime Picat has met with the brand’s long-time partner in Iran, Iran Khodro, to discuss a return to the country.

By Nasim Online


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