Iran daily: Supreme Leader denounces “barbarism” & “hegemonic powers” in Iraq

Speaking on Saturday to relatives of martyrs, the Supreme Leader stepped up his rhetorical attacks over Iraq’s crisis.

Ayatollah Khamenei again portrayed a foreign-supported insurgency, albeit without naming the US on this occasion: “The enemies in the region are investing in civil wars and they are hoping for a Shiite-Sunni war in a bid to free themselves from their concerns about the Islamic awakening.”

Khamenei repeated Tehran’s line that the insurgency in Iraq is not a sectarian conflict, but the effort of “a cast of morons and Saddam Hussein leftovers”:

What is happening now is not a Shiite-Sunni war. It is a war of terrorism with the opponents of terrorism, a war of the lovers of the West with the supporters of the independence of nations.

It is the war of humanity with savagery and barbarism.

He assured, “The hegemonic powers will be certainly defeated in their confrontation with the Islamic awakening in the end.”

Government Cuts Free Ramadan Dinners for Employees

Is this a sign of the seriousness of Iran’s budget deficit?

Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Ali Jannati has announced that Government-funded dinners for public servants, breaking the Ramadan fast, will no longer be held.

Jannati said the cancellation was part of the government’s program to cut spending, amid its warning about the size of the deficit during the Ahmadinejad administration.

Ramadan began in Iran on Sunday.

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