Iran displays Picasso’s 2.8 m $ masterpiece

Iran’s First World’s Galleries Expo has displayed Pablo Picasso’s 2.8 million-dollar masterpiece in Qasr Garden Museum of Tehran.

The Expo displayed Picasso, Dali, and Miró for the first time in Iran from June 24-28.

The expo sought three objectives displaying the world masterpieces in the country. First, it sought to bring foreign art works and collectors to Iran as the center of civilization in the Middle East and the world at large in an attempt to belie all propaganda mounted against Iran as myth.

Second, Expo sought to juxtapose Iranian art works and global art pieces so that a comparison could be made and provide the audience an opportunity to see all works in a single visit.

And third it sought to bridge a connection between Iranian artists and international masters of art to provide more sufficient space for Iranian artists to display their works, which is now limited to few foreign events and auctions as motives for the holding the exhibition.

The First World’s Galleries Expo secretary said the masterpieces were so valuable and expensive that only the foreign insurance company could cover such expensive art works transportation to Iran.

The most expensive masterpiece in the expo is that of Picasso “which will be sold in the case a person wants to purchase,” said Hamed Asghari.

By Mehr News Agency


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