Supporters of Daesh terrorist group seeking to split Iraq: Cleric

Tehran, June 27, IRNA — Tehranˈs interim Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami said that supporters of Daesh (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syira – ISIS) and masterminds of the Iraqi crisis pursue the objective of splitting the country.
Addressing congregational worshippers in Tehran University Campus, he referred to the recent events in Iran and said that ISIS and Takfiri groups are puppets in the hands of some other countries.

They pursue the goal of splitting Iraq as they have clearly mentioned that, Khatami said, urging the neighboring states not to fall in the USˈ trap because it will work to their own detriment.

ˈWhat is happening in Iraq is not Shia-Sunnit dispute; rather ISIS is the same criminal Baathist groups who remained loyal to the executed dictator Saddam Hossein,ˈ he said, warning that they should not be called as Shiite or Sunnis.

They kill both the Shiite and Sunnis, he said, noting scholars of both religious sects have taken stance against them.

Ayatollah Khatami also lambasted United Nations Security Council for its passive role in dealing with the barbaric acts committed by the ISIS in Iraq.

After a lapse of two weeks since they launched atrocities in the country, it has not even held an emergency session on the issue and this reveals that they themselves are involved in the crisis gripping the Arab state, he said.



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