Water shortage forces rationing in Karaj

Following the announcement of water shortages in 12 large Iranian cities, water rationing has begun in Karaj. Officials in Alborz Province have announced that with the start of the warm season and a rise in water consumption, they have had to shut off the water supply or reduce pressure in some areas of Karaj.

Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Kerman, Hamadan, Yazd, Qazvin and Arak are the other large cities that were previously announced to be facing water shortages.

The head of Iran’s Department of the Environment has raised the alarm regarding the state of the country’s water resources and called for the adoption of new models for water consumption.

The Ministry of Power reports that 50 percent of the country’s population is under threat of water shortages, and the minister has called for a 20- to 30-percent reduction in the use of water by the public.

Reports indicate that despite warnings from the Ministry of Power, there is no sign that water consumption is falling.

By Radio Zamaneh


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