Syrian envoy: US, certain regional states behind Syrian crisis

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Syrian ambassador to Iran Adnan Mahmoud said the West and some regional states are behind the ongoing crisis in Syria.

“The West, the US and certain regional states are responsible for Syrian crisis and killing Iraqi and Syrians,” Mahmoud said.

He called for the international community to confront terrorism and block terrorist supporting countries from sending weapons to Syria and funding terrorists. “Terrorism has turned to be a major threat to the world and region and the West, the US and certain regional states are directly responsible for it.”

He also said “the root of terrorism” is the same in Iraq and Syria and is supported by the West and some regional countries.

Mahmoud also said the US refuses to respect Syrian vote and democracy and is after destruction of the country.

“If the US is honest in battling terrorism, it should respect demands of (Syrian) people and fight terrorism. The US regards these groups as terrorists in words, but supports them in practice by sending weapons for them.”



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