Iran theological school backs Ayatollah Sistani verdict on Daesh

Qom, June 23, IRNA – Qom Theological School backed the firm stances of the Iraqi Shiite cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani against the terrorist group of Daesh (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria).
In a statement on Monday, the prestigious religious school said what the Takfiri group, as the agent of the world hegemonic powers in Iraq, ruthlessly committed against the defenseless nation and its legitimate government has nothing to do with the teachings of any religion especially Islam.

It asserted that the terrorist group committed crimes against the Iraqi nation amidst the absolute silence of international bodies claiming support for human rights.

It further underlined support for Ayatollah Sistaniˈs fatwa on the necessity of public resistance against the Takfiri criminals.

The statement noted that the terrorist group was backed by western hegemonic powers as well as certain Arab states.

Dismissing any foreign interventions in Iraq to tackle the situation, it said the Iraqi nation is quite capable of confronting the terrorist group.