Iran could provide gas for the EU: ambassador

TEHRAN, June 23 (MNA) – Iran’s ambassador to Switzerland has said Iran could provide the EU with its gas demands.

Gholamali Khoshrou told Mehr News in an interview in Tehran before departing to Bern, that the EU energy and gas needs were in rise in daily basis. “Iran is the first and greatest holder of natural gas reserves in the world and this would be a source for the EU to meet their needs,” he added.

About the recent developments in Iraq, he believed that the defeated group in Iraq should recognize the democratically elected government of Nouri al-Maliki, where all parties should come to a common understanding to participate in the coalition government. “Instead, a terrorist group, the ISIS, which represents the extremist Sunnis and Baathist ideals of pre-2003 conditions, has occupied and plundered north and northwestern cities of the country,” he said.

“In such a situation, the UN should intervene to curb spread of violence and sectarian war, a duty the UN assigns to the member states,” the ambassador said.

“The thousands of European nationals fighting in the ISIS for the extremist cause are a real danger not only for the peace and stability of the region, but also they pose threats to the security of EU countries,” said Khoshrou, believing that Islamic countries should unite against extremism and sectarian war.

However, he lamented the fact that the same Islamic countries had already provided logistical supports to ISIS and other terrorist fundamentalists in Iraq and Syria. “ These countries exploit the possibilities provided by these terrorists so long as their interests is secured by the atrocities of these groups,” and “they would call them ‘terrorists’ when these terrorist groups cease to function,” he ambassador was quoted to say.

On the EU and Iran’s relations, Khoshrou believed that Iran was a country rich in natural resources and stable as well, which “ would be a good and safe source of energy to the EU, given that the EU expiates its past damages inflicted upon Iran through policies implemented,” and that “ the EU should compensate and improve its place through investments in Iran’s natural resources, and reconsidering its traditional view of the country to a more realistic view of Iran as an opportunity rather than a threat.”

Gholamali Khosrou, Iran’s former deputy-FM, is a graduate in sociology from a North American university. He has served in different positions, including as the head of foreign ministry’s International Relations School, Iran’s permanent representative to the UN, deputy of the minister for International Affairs during Reformist government. He is now Iran’s ambassador to the Switzerland.

By Mehr News Agency


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