Iran condemns latest terrorist bombing in Lebanon

Beirut, June 21, IRNA – Iranˈs Embassy in Beirut has strongly condemned Fridayˈs terrorist bombing at a Lebanese security checkpoint in the eastern Bekaa Valley.
Two people have been killed after a suicide bomber blew himself up at the checkpoint situated on the main highway joining Beirut and Damascus in Dahr Al-Baydar district.

Releasing a statement, the embassy condemned the terrorist crime which has victimized ˈinnocent citizensˈ and left over 30 injured.

According to the statement, the terrorist act would endanger security and stability of Lebanon.

Describing the terrorist move as planning of the Zionist regime, the statement said such acts would only serve the interests of enemies of the Lebanese people.

The Iranian embassy urged the people of Lebanon ˈto maintain their unity and solidarity in this critical juncture.ˈ

According to reports, Lebanese security chief Abbas Ibrahim was the target of the assassination attempt but he survived the terrorist attack.

Ibrahim was threatened by the Zionist regimeˈs Mossad and the takfiri terrorist group of Abdullah Azzam Brigades, who are affiliated to al-Qaeda.



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