Rouhani: Iranians would protect holy shrines in Iraq

KHORRAMABAD, June 18 (MNA) – Iran’s president has said Iranians would protect holy shrine of Shiite imams in Iraqi religious cities.

Rouhani, who is addressing the public in Khorramabad during his visit to the province, said that Iranians would spare no attempt to protect shrines in Karbala, Najaf, Kadhemein, and Samara. He clearly intended his message to be heard by what he believed were ‘super powers, terrorists, and their mercenaries.’

“I heard of many declarations where our public announced that they are ready to go to Iraq and protect the shrines of their imams to fight terrorists,” Rouhani said.

“I would tell the Iranians that many factions including Shiite, Kurd, and Sunni factions in Iraq who would do the job, terrorists and their supporters were bits of dust compared to the pious of the country [Iraq].”

By Mehr News Agency


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