Hashemi: online censorship would backfire

TEHRAN, June 15 (MNA) – The head of Expediency Discernment Council of the System has said those who have no place in hearts of people are devoid of reason.

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, who was addressing the meeting of a group of university students and political activists yesterday (Saturday), said that avoiding political strife was a rule of rationality. “Morality and ethics necessitates the moderation in word and action,” Rafsanjani said.

Rafsanjani believed that the public awareness was crucial for decision-making. He pointed to high enrollments of female students in universities as indications that women sought knowledge and that their votes mattered.

“Women could not be restricted to homes through reactionary interpretation of the law, since they have before them the example provided by Lady Fatima al-Zahra,” said the head of the Expediency Discernment Council of the System.

Rafsanjani criticized the current systematic spread of anger and immorality among political groups and factions and believed that anger and aggressive behavior were the characteristics of the irrational mob, “who would not tolerate any other rationality and moderation other than their own language of threat and hatred,” he added.

Rafsanjani condemned the circles who assumed power as their natural right. “I think blocking the gates to information would backfire. It is against the common sense,” he said.

By Mehr News Agency


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