Iran arrests 30 Al-Qaeda members within a month

MASHHAD, June 14 (MNA) — An Intelligence deputy-Minister has said Iran has arrested 30 Al-Qaeda members within a month.
Hojjatoleslam Ali Khazaei, who was addressing the congregation of Friday mass prayer in Mashhad, said that the Islamic Revolution had provided examples for resistance against dominance front and bullies of the world.
He told the congregation that the superior military position of the Islamic Republic was a cause of threats and sanctions against the country.
“Today, the enemy has spared no capability to abort the Revolution, and the main cause is our geopolitical situation in the region,” Khazaei told the congregation.
He believed that public owed the security of the country to the good offices of the intelligence forces.
Khazaei also said that in line with such ‘endeavors to protect the security,’ the intelligence forces had arrested 30 Al-Qaeda members within a month.

By Mehr News Agency


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