Grand Ayatollah Ardebili: Islam condemns all types of terrorism everywhere

Qom, June 13, IRNA – All types of terrorism all over the world are definitely condemned in all authentic Islamic schools of thought, Grand Ayatollah Abdolkarim Moussavi-Ardebili said in a message issued to condemn recent terrorist acts in Iraq.
“Any country or group that forwards financial support or military facilities and ammunitions for the terrorists adopts a position in direct contrast against the religious and national beliefs of the world Muslims, inclusive of all Shi’a and Sunni Islamic schools of thought,” said the source of Islamic jurisprudence in his message issued on Thursday.

“The bestial invasion of the terrorists against the civilian areas and residents of the Muslims and the killing, wounding and turning homeless of the dear defenseless Iraqi citizens is both sorrowful and painful, and a cause for grave concern of any noble human being,” adds Ayatollah Ardebili, a former Iranian top judge.

He refers to the occurrence of the unfortunate events in Iraq shortly after holding free and fair parliamentary elections there in which the great Iraqi nation cast their votes in favor of their preferred candidate, arguing that the enemies of the Islamic unity and solidarity shed the blood of the Muslims to secure their illegitimate interests.

“Supporting Iraq in its confrontation against these terrorist attacks is the responsibility of every single Muslim. The conscious Muslims know well that behind the scene of these criminal acts there are the enemies of Islam and their major objective is sowing the seeds of discord among the Muslims and flickering the flams of war among them,” he adds.

The Grand Ayatollah Moussavi-Ardebili has emphasized that it is a religious duty for the entire Islamic governments and forces to mightily defend the defenseless people who are subjected to a brutal bloodshed staged by those terrorists.

Earlier this week the so called ISIL (also known as ISIS) terrorist group, an offshoot of Al Qaeda, launched a massive invasion in northern regions of Iraq, occupied Mosul, and began invasions against the other cities in its vicinity.

The ISIL terrorists have mercilessly massacred the innocent civilian in occupied territories in Iraqi, similar to their conducted during the past three years in Syria, and demolished the sanctified religious centers in them.



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