Italy firms can pave way for Iran-EU ties: Min

The Iranian minister of economic affairs and finance says Italian companies can smooth the way for closer Iran-EU relations.

Italy can play a key role in ending Europe’s sanctions against Tehran and improving ties between Iran and other European countries, said  Ali Tayyeb-Nia in a an Interview in the Kazakh capital city of Astana.

Contacts with Italian firms are underway, he said, adding Iran and the EU are awaiting a possible final deal between Iran and the P5+1 group over Tehran’s nuclear energy program by June 20.

Iran and the six world powers have been discussing ways to iron out differences and start drafting a final agreement that would end the West’s dispute with Iran over the country’s peaceful nuclear work.

The Iranian minister expressed optimism over the prospects of Iran’s nuclear dossier as “both sides [of the negotiations] have realized that the talks should have a positive outcome.”

He pointed to Italy’s previous status as Iran’s fourth business partner and expressed hope that the country will regain that position.

On February 22, an Italian business delegation, headed by Chairman of the Italy-Iran Chamber of Commerce Rosario Alessandro, travelled to Iran on a four-day visit to explore investment opportunities in the Islamic Republic.

Iran calls for peace and consolidation of friendly ties with all European countries as the ground has been prepared for real promotion of Tehran-Europe relations, Tayyeb-Nia said.

While the sanctions against Iran have not been beneficial to the West and many countries have incurred losses as a result of such bans, Iran has mastered the tactics to counter the embargoes and made its economy more resistant, Tayyeb-Nia said.

The West’s sanctions on Iran have been imposed based on the accusation that Tehran is pursuing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program. Iran denies the accusation.

By Press TV


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