Security forces chief replaces deputy

Deputy chief of police Ahmad Radan has been replaced by the head of police intelligence and security forces, Hossein Ashtari.

The Fars News Agency reports that the move was made by Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam, the head of security forces, who was reappointed to his position by Ayatollah Khamenei last week.

Radan, who became Ahmadi Moghaddam’s deputy in 2008, initiated the program “Improving Public Security”, which involved shaming petty criminals in public. Criminals were held in small cells in Kahrizak as part of this project, and later in 2009, political detainees were also transferred to this centre, where at least four of them died under torture.

Radan has repeatedly distanced himself from any charges in connection to the transfer of political prisoners to Kahrizak.

Radan will be given a retirement ceremony on Wednesday May 28.

By Radio Zamaneh


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