Iran exports carpets to 80 countries

Tehran, May 26, IRNA – Iran annually exports $500m worth of hand-woven carpets to 80 countries, said the head of National Iranian Carpet Center.
 Hamid Kargar also said on Sunday that due to its historical background and well-known brand, Iranian hand-woven carpet is appreciated worldwide.

“Due to their dexterity and perfect designs, Iranian carpets are far better than their international rivals,” he said.

The official noted that the import of machine-made and artificial floor coverings has led to a recession in the industry.

“Due to its higher price compared with other machine-made floor coverings, hand-woven carpet is not purchased as before by Iranian families.”

The European, East Asian and Persian Gulf states are major importers of Iranian carpets, Kargar said, adding that “about 1 million people are involved in the industry across the country.”

Although a huge portion of the industry’s raw materials are produced locally, whenever shortage exists, a certain quantity of stock of raw materials is imported, he said.

In January, Morteza Lotfi Afshar, director of Coordination Department of Carpet Management Organization, said Iran has exported 80 percent of its hand-woven carpets to international markets.

“Hand-woven carpet is an absolute advantage (for Iran) and this is the only product in the world where Iran is a leader,” he said.

Persian rugs are world famous and are highly sought for their intricate designs and skilled craftsmanship.



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