Iran ranks 12th in world nanotechnology

Tehran, May 25, IRNA – Iran ranks 12th in the world in terms of articles published on nanotechnology, announced the head of the Nanoscience Research Center.

Hashem Rafiei-Tabar made the remark while speaking in the National Seminar on Nanotechnology in Sciences and Engineering in Malayer University recently.

Iran currently ranks first among the Persian Gulf and Muslim countries Rafiei-Tabar said, adding that the country has made good investments in the field.

The official stressed that Iranian governments in the past 10 years have supported nanotechnology very well.

“Currently, nanoscience in Iran has a positive outlook and is growing. In view of the good measures taken in this regard, Iran is among the top states in this field in the world,” he said.

Rafiei-Tabar noted that nanotechnology affects people’s lives and it should be turned from a science into a technology for use in the daily lives of people.



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