Gov. endorses criminal content filtering

TEHRAN, May 25 (MNA) – A member of Committee for Determining Examples of Criminal Web Content has said government endorses criminal content filtering.

Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Reza Aqamiri told Mehr News in the meeting of the Committee that contrary to what had been told in some media outlets, the government representatives had a positive cooperation with the committee members.

He also denied that government and the committee had disagreed about policy decisions on the examples of criminal content in the web. “The government endorses filtering of the criminal content in the web,” this Committee member added.

“Filtering is aimed at cleaning the web and it was necessary to have a clean internet. The media reflected the news quite differently than the government believed,” he said.

Aqamiri emphasized that discord was possible on deciding on the examples of criminal content, “but the reality is that the government endorses enactment of the rules and regulations,” he said.

“This last session discussed the cooperation within the group, and members unanimously emphasized on the necessity of the cleaning of the cyberspace,” he added.

Aqamiri however said that in any investigation of filtering, the technical capabilities of the Ministry of Information and Technology should be taken into consideration. “However, we should not underestimate the capabilities of our experts,” he said.

About the decision of the Committee on filtering WhatsApp, he said that the voting process about filtering the App was transparent.

By Mehr News Agency


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