Embassy: Escaped inmate from Tajikistan prison not Iranian citizen

Dushanbe, May 22, IRNA – Iranian Embassy here announced Wednesday evening Mahdi Qanbar, inmate of Tajikistan’s Yavan Prison in Khatlan province who got wounded while escaping and local media declared an Iranian citizen is not Iranian, but of Afghan nationality.

The embassy communique on the issue has categorically rejected the news on being wounded while escaping of an Iranian citizen from prison in this country’s Yavan City.

According to the embassy announcement, the injured prisoner Mahdi Qanbari, a citizen of Afghanistan is one of the millions of Afghan immigrants who lived for often long periods in Iran as refugees

The man in question’s personal documents and identification cards, too, prove his Afghan nationality.

Local media in Tajikistan had reported in Monday that an Iranian prisoner had while escaping from Yavan Prison, thirty kilometers from the capital city, Dushanbe, had been wounded by the prison guards.

Tajikistan’s Asia Plus media group had reported the incidence and Qanbari’s current status as follows:

Mahdi Ghanbari, an Iranian citizen, imprisoned in I/13 (Yavan Prison), was wounded on 16 May, while attempting to flee.

According to the Penitentiary authorities, the wounded prisoner is currently in the prison hospital.

The source said: “Ghanbari, sentenced to two years imprisonment for illegally crossing the border, attempted to flee. Prison authorities more than once warned him to stop, but he did not do it, and as a result he was shot at. He was wounded in leg. Currently his health condition is satisfactory.”

The source refused to further comment on the issue.

Husniddin Nidaev from the Ombudsman’s Office told in an interview to Asia-Plus that someone from the Ombudsman’s Office will visit Mehdi Qambari in the coming days.

Mr. Nidaev said: “Rumors that allegedly on the way to hospital, the wounded prisoner died, have no bases. I talked to the representative of the prison, and I was told Qambari has two wounds on his leg, and that he was right away taken to Yavan Central Hospital, operated on, and is currently in the prison hospital. We are planning to visit the wounded prisoner.”

According to his information, Mahdi Ghanbari had also been sentenced in Iran for hooliganism.



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