Tehran, White House rivalry on oil export

TEHRAN, May 20 (MNA) – Deputy Oil Minister has said the US new sanctions on Iran have stymied import of complex catalysts by Isfahan oil refinery.

Abbas Kazemi said that Iran would start production of catalyst itself for Isfahan oil refinery to produce gasoline with Euro IV standard.

He added that “cabinet of ‘prudence and hope’ seeks ways to bring major oil and gas companies of the world back to the country for which the 11th cabinet has started negotiations with prestigious oil companies in Britain, Norway, France and some other European and US companies.”

Despite Geneva deal in November 2013 between Iran and the group 5+1, sanctions on Iran’s oil industry has still been on place.

One of the main sanctions imposed on Iran regarding oil industry covers also the catalysts for gasoline production and refinery machinery.

Under pressures by White House pressures, contractor companies of Isfahan refinery now avoid delivering the catalysts needed for gasoline production, thus effectively having the refinery cease to operate.

Kazemi told Mehr News that “indigenous catalysts will be produced instead and we predict by upcoming September, catalyst production project will finish.

He added that the indigenous catalyst would bring Isfahan refinery back to production of more than three million liters of gasoline daily, thus enabling competition with US companies.

By Mehr News Agency


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