FM spokeswoman dismisses any halt in nuclear talks

Tehran, May 20, IRNA – Foreign Minister spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham dismissed any halt in Iran’s nuclear talks with the G5+1 and said negotiations between the two sides are going on.

She made the remarks here Tuesday morning during her weekly press briefing with local and foreign journalists.

She further noted that no political and factional views could ever influence Iran’s nuclear talks and said the negotiations with the G5+1 are held at a national level free of all factional interests.

Noting that several bones of contention such as enrichment activities, Arak reactor and also sanctions are raised and discussed during the nuclear talks, Afkham said Iran has opted to confront excessive demands and never gives up nation’s nuclear rights.

She said Iran has from the very beginning reiterated that it is not negotiating military issues with the G5+1.

As for the meeting between the Iranian and American delegations on the sidelines of the latest round of nuclear talks in Vienna, she observed that Iran held many bilateral, trilateral and multilateral meetings during the talks.

She noted that the main meeting was held between Iran and Catherine Ashton as the representative of the six world powers in the talks.

The foreign ministry spokeswoman went on to notice that an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) deputy is in Tehran today for meeting with the officials of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

The visit is taking place according to prior agreements between Iran and the IAEA, she added.

She further said that Iran and The UK have discussed the visit of a British official to Tehran to assess any damage to Britain’s embassy in Tehran.

She said Iran, too, has suffered damages due to the closure of its embassy in London. This will also included in the talks between the two countries, she added.

The foreign ministry official also congratulated the Iraqi nation and government on the successful holding of parliamentary elections.

She hailed the active presence of people from various walks of life, the government ranks, religious scholars, parties and political groups in the elections.

The elections proved Iraq’s firm determination to overcome problems, she added.

According to Afkham, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has been invited to visit Saudi Arabia.

She said that in line with Iran’s general policy of expanding ties with regional countries, the trip is being considered by Iranian officials.



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