Iran plans to increase supply of Euro 4 petrol to reduce air pollution

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran is working hard to supply more Euro 4 grade gasoline across the country in order to help reduce air pollution in large cities, an Iranian oil official said.

Deputy Head of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) Shahrokh Khosravani said boosting the quality of production in refineries has been seriously pursued in recent years.

He said Imam Khomeini Refinery is producing 15 million liters per day (ml/d) of euro 4 gasoline for distribution in big cities.

Khosravani also said that Iranian refineries process 1.85 mb/d of crude oil, adding that the country’s gasoline production now stands 61 ml/d, up 5 ml/d from a year ago.

He said the long-awaited Persian Gulf Star Refinery would come on-stream next year with a 36-million-liter output.

In mid-November, Managing Director of the NIORDC Abbas Kazzemi underscored that pollution and environmental issues are among the main concerns of Iran’s oil industry.

“As far as the oil industry is concerned, we will use our best to reduce pollution and improving environmental condition”, he added.

The official noted that investment in upgrading the quality of fuels, changing consumption pattern and deploying up to date technologies are among the factors affecting lifespan and having a healthy environment.

“Up to now, power and oil industries efforts have been concentrated on management of supply without enough attention to issues like management of demand, but now it is right time for more concentration on management of demand,” NIORDC top executive said.

He referred to macro policies of the country pertaining reducing energy intensity stating petroleum ministry is tasked with management of energy demand.

By Fars News Agency


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