Iran not to give up right for peaceful use of nuclear energy: Seddighi

Tehran, May 16, IRNA – Iran will not give up its right for peaceful use of nuclear energy, Tehranˈs Substitute Friday Prayers Leader Kazem Seddighi said.

Iranian negotiating team should observe red lines in the upcoming nuclear talks with the G5+1, he noted.

Seddighi underlined that any possible agreement between Tehran and the G5+1 should recognize Islamic Republicˈs right to nuclear enrichment as well as nuclear research and development.

Western states have no right to dictate the degree of Iranˈs uranium enrichment, he added.

Sedighi asserted that powers are seeking to blackmail Iran by asking Tehran to decrease the number of its centrifuges and close its nuclear facilities.

However, he continuted, Tehran will not close any of its nuclear facilities including the Arak reactor.

The cleric further noted that any nuclear agreement should guarantee removal of illegal anti-Iranian sanctions.

Tehran and G5+1 should continue talks based on mutual respect and the powers should know that Tehran will not bend down because of their pressures, Seddighi concluded.

Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany have started a fresh round of nuclear talks in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

The fourth round of the negotiations between Iran and the six other countries, namely the US, the UK, Russia, China, France and Germany began in Vienna on Wednesday. The two sides resumed their talks for the third day on Friday.

Iran and the six countries have been discussing ways to iron out differences to start drafting a final deal that would end the standoff over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program.



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