Polish literature brought closer to Iranians thanks to social media

The new Twitter project run by the Polish Embassy in Teheran includes the promotion of Polish books published the in Persian language and publications about Iran available in Poland, as well as a Persian course for Poles.

“The Iranians still know little about Poland, and vice versa. We hope that our new initiative will increase the interest in Poland, especially its rich literature and history,” says Juliusz Gojło, Polish Ambassador in Iran.

Shah of Shahs, the classic by Ryszard Kapuściński on the 1979 revolution in Iran, has inaugurated the #PersianLibrary cycle on the Twitter Polish Embassy’s Twitter account. Persian speaking Internet users who follow the @PLinIRANprofile will have a chance to read Artur Domosławski’s Latin-American Fever in the Persian language version.

Another Twitter cycle, titled #Tarof, will present Persian civility forms (T-aarof in Persian), which are one of the most interesting phenomena in the Persian language.

“Tarof lessons may turn out useful to Polish tourists travelling to Iran, who will no longer be surprised when they hear the expression ‘daste shoma dard nakon’ (‘may your hand not hurt’), which simply means ‘thank you’,” says Ambassador Gojło. “Understanding the art of tarof is a key to understanding Iranians. Visitors to Iran are often surprised when they hear the English translation of the expression ‘ghobeli nadore’ (‘take it for free’) in a taxi or a shop, and then find out that it does not mean a free ride or free shopping,” adds the head of the Polish diplomatic mission in the capital of Iran.

By Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tehran


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