Iran ranks 35th in world’s 2014 science production

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Deputy Head of Iran’s Medical Sciences Academy said the country ranks 15th in the world in terms of scientific quantity.

“Now Iran stands 15th in the world in terms of scientific quantity. Its grade in terms of index of quality of science and producing articles equals 35,” Freidoun Azizi said.

He also said that the country’s progress in presenting scientific articles rose by 20 percent.

The number of Iranian scientific papers and articles is on the rise since early 2014. The number of articles and conferences registered in ISI totaled 25.960 in January.

The US is producing 1.27 percent of the world’s scientific papers, submitting 36,415 documents, titling 1st in the world. China, Britain, the UK and Germany respectively follow the US with 21.160, 9.379, 8.205, 6.464 papers.

France, Canada, Italy, Spain and India were the next five countries respectively produced 5.841, 5.705, 5.576, 5.216, 5.034 papers.

The other countries are Australia with 4.787 papers, South Africa with 4. 354, Holland with 3.325, Brazil with 2.821 and Taiwan with 2.501 articles.



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