Energy minister: Iran on the verge of a serious water crisis

TEHRAN, May 7 (MNA) – Iran’s minister of energy has said the country is on the verge of a serious water crisis for the years to come.

Hamid Chitchian, who was addressing the conference ‘Opportunities for German-Iranian Cooperation,’ told that the ministry had invited German water and energy companies to cooperate and invest in Iran’s water sector. “So far, we have constructed 641 dams and 168 others under construction,” Chitchian said. “The new approached adopted by the government and opportunities provided  through facilitation of land purchase for investments paved the way for German companies to come to Iran and we hope that this conference would bring forth as an outcome expansion of cooperation with German companies in water sector,” the minister was quoted to say.

Chitchian believed supplying water in Iran had been a great challenge since days of yore, since “Iran is located in arid and semi-arid desert band, with precipitation below the global average, roughly a third of it,” he said.

He commented on Iran’s water consumption as decreasing from former 4000 cubic meters down to present 1800 cubic meters, which he believed, indicated that Iran was on the verge of a serious water crisis for the years to come, and that “we definitely will be in need of strict and smart water management practice and techniques.”

Chitchian said that the tough job was ahead; however, he said that German companies should provide crucial help in the road to future.

He cited renewable per capita water decrease and pollution of water sources as two major challenges in water sector. “ controlling water overuse in urban areas, using smart systems to prevent wasting water (such as smart control valves), recycling and reusing wastewater in industry, and cooperating with German companies in drafting water and wastewater standards of environment are the ministry’s plans to meet these challenges,” Chitchian told the meeting.

By Mehr News Agency


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