IRGC Navy in control of Strait of Hormuz: Cmdr.

A high-ranking Iranian military official says the naval forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) are fully ready to confront US navy ships in the Persian Gulf.

Commander of the IRGC Navy Admiral Ali Fadavi told Fars news agency on Monday that the IRGC is in control of the southern strategic Strait of Hormuz

Fadavi said that the IRGC is carrying out special drills to develop its capability to destroy and sink US Navy ships in the region.

“It is natural that we put the conducting of trainings, exercises and drills on our agenda to get prepared for operational goals; and the Americans and the entire world know that one of the operational goals of the IRGC Navy is the destruction of the US Navy,” Fadavi said.

He said that US warships are a very easy target for the IRGC naval forces, given that “we have very precise analyses of the design, construction and structures of these warships and we know how to act.”

The Iranian commander said that the United States’ giant warships and aircraft carriers are vulnerable to Iranian missiles and speedboats in the Persian Gulf.

“If you take a look at [former US Defense Secretary] Robert Gates’ book, you will see that he openly recounts the vulnerabilities of aircraft carriers to the IRGC Navy and his demand is that the US naval strategy must change. This, of course, is no easy task, but he insisted and they (the Americans) have started doing it, too,” Fadavi said.

Iran had produced “mock US aircraft carriers” for IRGC Navy drills, he said, adding that American reports on these replicas had dealt with the issue “very simple-mindedly.”

“We have been making and sinking mock US destroyers, frigates and warships for a long time, and have even sunk a replica of their vessels in 50 seconds through all kinds of operational measures,” said Fadavi.

The Iranian commander further described the US military presence as a source of insecurity in the Persian Gulf, saying that Iran’s military might is aimed at securing the region.

Fadavi noted that Iran has been seeking closer ties with its southern neighbors to improve regional security, warning that lack of coordination among regional countries would only serves US interests.

By Press TV


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