Powers agree Iran redesign Arak heavy water complex

TEHRAN, May 3 (MNA) – Powers (P5+1) have reportedly agreed that Iran may keep Arak heavy water complex open if it redesigns the complex.

Iran’s negotiators had told the press that the Powers had already accepted the very operation of the Arak heavy water complex, and in the next round in Vienna, they would prepare the final draft of the agreement, a draft both sides invested much hope on and hope to see ready when the 6-month deadline approaches in June.

Uranium enrichment and Arak heavy water complex definitely are the core important issues to be addressed. As expressed by Iran’s negotiators, the west now has recognized the very enrichment right for Iran and the issue is only the ‘percentage of purity of uranium enriched.’

Arak heavy water complex which had been highly criticized by the west, now have been recognized as well. A Reuters report had it that Iran and Powers had met in Brussels in an attempt to find a joint approach to the nuclear negotiations. Salehi, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization had said that Iran made a proposal to the Powers to redesign Arak heavy water complex to address concerns voiced by the Powers in talks, and that “the proposal has been accepted by Powers.”

Speaking to the press in a private ceremony Salehi told that Arak heavy water complex would keep its true operation as heavy water reactor, however, he told that it would be redesigned for production of lower –degree plutonium.

In a response to a question whether Arak complex would suspend operation during the talks, he told that it would keep operating, but would produce lower-degree purity plutonium.

Behrouz Kamalvandi, the Organization’s spokesman had told that the Islamic Republic of Iran had admitted modifications in Arak heavy water complex structure. “We would not concede the right; nor will we stop operating of our nuclear centers, since it would not be changed ever,” he told the reporters.

By Mehr News Agency


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