Sunni leaders speak out against assassinations

Mowlavi Abdolhamid, Zahedan’s Sunni Friday Mass Imam, and a number of other senior Sunni leaders have condemned recent assassinations in the cities of Rask and Sarbaz in Sistan-Baluchistan Province.

Sunni-on-line reports that Mowlavi Abdolhamid, as well as the management of the Zahedan seminary and the Society of Sunni Clergy of Zahedan, have issued separate statements denouncing the assassinations, which they describe as “desperate moves.”

“These assassinations are aimed at dismissing the effects of the president’s recent trip to Sistan-Baluchistan and damaging the empathy and convergence of all Muslims, ethnic groups and all religions,” the Sunni leaders have written.

In recent weeks in two separate incidents, an elementary school teacher in Rask and a city clerk in Sarbaz were assassinated by unknown assailants.

By Radio Zamaneh


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