MP: Closer Iran-Saudi Arabia ties to benefit the Muslim World

Tehran, April 22, IRNA – Head of Majlis Education Center Kazem Jalali said on Tuesday that closer relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia will be to the benefit of the Muslim World.
  Jalali told IRNA that Iran and Saudi Arabia are two important and influential countries in the region, but, unfortunately, certain events occurred whose responsibility lies with Saudi government, so that the Saudi government is expected to take the initial step for expansion of the relations.

Jalali said that owing to the economic and political capacity of Iran and Saudi Arabia in the region, improved relations would serve to settlement of regional problems.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are on the loggerheads over the Saudi paid terrorists fighting against the government troops of Syria.

Iran says the Saudi government must join the international campaign against terrorism and stop financing the terrorists fighting to topple the Syrian government.



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