Iran holds first food festival in Turkey

The first Iranian food festival in Turkey has been held in the city of Istanbul to introduce Iran’s culinary heritage and popularize it among the local community, Press TV reports.

“We invited Iranian families to cook traditional Iranian dishes from all the regions of Iran so that they may be represented here at the festival,” Iran’s consul in Istanbul, Mohsen Mortezaeifar, said.

Iranian cuisine has both influenced and been influenced by the country’s neighbors not just across Western Asia but also in Central Asia and much of the Indian sub-continent.

The cuisine of Iran is diverse, with each province featuring dishes, culinary traditions, and styles native to their regions.

The Turkish cuisine has been heavily influenced by Iran due to geographical proximity and the two countries’ cultural commonalities.

Foods, including different rice dishes and desserts, from all four corners of Iran were represented in the festival in Istanbul.

“In order to judge who has cooked the best dish, we had four categories: one was the taste of the food, another was that it had to be in budget, the third was food garnish and finally the novelty of the dish,” Fatemeh Rezakhani, a festival judge, said.

The first Iranian food festival, organized by Iran’s Consulate General, provided an opportunity for members of the Iranian community to showcase their culinary talents, the country’s culture and its hospitality to people in Turkey.

By Press TV


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