Education minister: Women responsible managers

Women are more responsible, sensitive and better managers than men, said the education minister.

Speaking in a ceremony held on the occasion of Women’s Day marking the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatemeh (SA), the distinguished daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Ali Asghar Fani added that many top administrative and management posts of Education Ministry are held by women in urban and rural areas of Iran, ISNA reported.
“Women constitute a majority of teachers and school managers,” he said.
“They are also active in the ministry’s Office for Women Affairs, which is supposed to have serious participation in educational planning.”
Fani noted that 60 percent of the Education Ministry’s personnel are women.
“A large number of girls are prevented from studying in elementary and high schools in some regions of the country because of tribal prejudices,” he said.
The minister stressed that the ground should be paved for all girls to continue their education after elementary school, stressing that the Office for Women Affairs should get involved in such activities.
“The office should pay special attention to the education of girls and help them step into social life and raise the next generation of country in the best possible manner,” he said.
Fani called on the ministry’s Research and Planning Department and Educational and Cultural Department to cooperate with the office, urging all departments of the Education Ministry to help devise appropriate educational content for girls.
Fani said the Education Ministry should do its best to introduce the Islamic and Iranian culture to students.
Shahindokht Molaverdi, vice president for women and family affairs, said earlier that the government is making efforts to create suitable jobs for women.
She added that the capacities of all related organizations will be used to achieve the purpose.
The vice president also said a number of agreements will be signed with the health, education and agricultural jihad ministries as well as Imam Khomeini Relief Committee in this respect.
Molaverdi announced that a plan has been devised to provide rural girls with educational opportunities.


By Iran Daily


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