Tehran potent to generate 100mw of power out of refuse

TEHRAN April 19 (Shana)–Tehran, the capital of Iran, is potent to produce over 100 mega watts of electricity from its daily wastes, said an expert at the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran.

Nearly 7,000 tons of waste is produced daily in Tehran that can be used to produce considerable amounts of electricity, said Mostafa Rabiei.

“More than 90% of the refuse in Iran can be used to generate heat and electricity, however, the waste is being dumped in landfill sites having a devastating impact on ecosystems and cultures throughout the country,” the expert said.

He said in several developed countries like Brazil, waste from households has become a major source for production of bio-ethanol in a way that it is regarded as a rival for gasoline.

Iran produces 40,000 tons of refuse every day of which only 8% is recycles and the rest is dug in landfill grounds, while in Germany over 80% of the waste is recycled.



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