Text of British anti-Iranian report

Iran (Human Rights)

1. Identifying information for the individuals listed in the annex to this notice has been

Notice summary (Full details are provided in the annex to this Notice).

2. 15 entries have been amended on the consolidated list of financial sanctions targets

What you  must do
3. You must:

i. check whether you maintain any accounts or hold any funds or economic
resources for the persons set out in the Annex to this notice.
ii. freeze such accounts, and other funds or assets.
iii. refrain from dealing with the funds or assets or economic resources or making
them available to such persons unless licensed by the Treasury.
iv. report any findings to the Treasury, together with any additional information that
would facilitate compliance with the Regulation.
v. provide any information concerning the frozen assets of designated persons that
the Treasury may request. Information reported to the Treasury may be passed on
to other regulatory authorities or law enforcement.

vi. where a relevant institution has
already reported details of accounts, other funds or economic resources held frozen for designated persons, they are not required to report these details again
vii. failure to comply with financial sanctions legislation or to seek to circumvent its provisions is a criminal offence. .
Legislative details
4. On 12 April 2014 Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 371/2014 (“the Amending Regulation”) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (O.J. L 109, 12.4.2014, p.9) by the Council of the European Union.
5. The Amending Regulation amended Annex I to Council Regulation (EU) 359/2011, which came into force on 12 April 2014.
Further Information
6. A copy of the Amending Regulation can be obtained from the Official Journal of the European Union website:
7. Copies of relevant Releases, certain EU Regulations and UK legislation can be obtained from the Iran (Human Rights) Financial Sanctions page accessible via the Gov.uk website:
8. Please see the FAQs for more information around financial sanctions:
9. Non-media enquiries, reports and licence applications should be addressed to:

Financial Sanctions
HM Treasury
1 Horse Guards Road
E-mail: [email protected]
Media enquiries should be addressed to the Treasury Press Office on 020 7270 5238.
HM Treasury





Deleted information appears in strikethrough. Additional information appears in italics and is underlined.
1. ABBASZADEH-MESHKINI, Mahmoud Position: Interior Ministry’s political director Governor of Ilam Province
Group ID: 12174.
Other information: Former Interior Ministry’s political director
2. BAKHTIARI, Seyyed, Morteza DOB: –/–/1952.
POB: Mashad, Iran
Position: Minister of Justice
Other Information: Former Minister of Justice.
Group ID: 12200. Former Isfahan governor general and director of the State Prisons Organization (until June 2004).
3. DORRI-NADJAFABADI, Ghorban-Ali. DOB: –/–/1945.
POB: Najafadad, Iran
Position: Member of the Expediency Council and representative of the Supreme Leader in Markazi (‘Central’) Province.
Other Information: Former Prosecutor General of Iran until Sept 2009 (former Intelligence minister under Khatami presidency).
Group ID: 11791.
4. EMADI, Hamid, Reza DOB: –/–/1973.
POB: Hamedan
a.k.a: EMADI, Hamidreza
Address: Tehran.
Position: Press TV Newsroom Director
Other Information: Place of work: Press TV HQ, Tehran. Independent regulator OFCOM fined Press TV in the UK £100,000 for broadcasting the forced confession of Iranian-Canadian journalist and film-maker Maziar Bahari in 2011, which was filmed in prison whilst Bahari was under duress. Former Press TV Senior Producer.
Group ID: 12854. DOB is approximate.


5. FIRUZABADI, Seyyed, Hasan Title: Maj-Gen Dr
DOB: 03/02/1951.
POB: Mashad
a.k.a: (1) FIROUZABADI, Seyed, Hassan
(2) FIROUZABADI, Seyyed, Hasan
(3) FIRUZABADI, Seyed, Hassan
Position: Chief of Staff of Iran’s Joined Armed Forces
Group ID: 12179.
6. HOSSEINI, Mohammad Title: Dr
DOB: –/–/1961.
POB: Rafsanjan, Kerman
a.k.a: (1) HOSSEYNI, Sayyed, Mohammad
(2) HOSSEYNI, Sayyid, Mohammad
(3) HOSSEYNI, Seyed, Mohammad
(4) HOSSEYNI, Seyyed, Mohammad
Position: Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance since Sept 2009
Other Information: Former Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
Group ID: 12201. Ex-IRGC.
7. JOKAR, Mohammad, Saleh Position: Commander of Student Basij Forces Parliamentary Deputy for Yazd Province.
Group ID: 12186.
Other Information: Former Commander of Student Basij Forces
8. MORTAZAVI, Said DOB: –/–/1967.
POB: Meybod, Yazd, Iran
Position: Head of Iran’s Anti-smuggling Task Force
Other Information: Former Head of Iran’s Anti-smuggling Task Force.
Group ID: 11798. Former Prosecutor General of Tehran until Aug 2009.
9. MOSLEHI, Heydar DOB: –/–/1956.
POB: Isfahan, Iran
a.k.a: (1) MOSLEHI, Haidar
(2) MOSLEHI, Heidar
Position: Minister of Intelligence
Other information:
Group ID: 12202.
Former Minister of Intelligence
10. RAJABZADEH, Azizollah
Position: Commander of the Law Enforcement Forces in Greater Tehran.
Other Information: Former Head of Tehran Police (until Jan 2010).
Head of Tehran Disaster Mitigation Organisation (TDMO)
Group ID: 11786.
11. SALARKIA, Mahmoud Position: Deputy to the Prosecutor General of Tehran for Prison Affairs Head of the Petrol and Transport commission of the City of Tehran. Director of Tehran Football Club ‘Persepolis’.
Group ID: 12192.
Other information: Former Deputy to the Prosecutor General of Tehran for Prison Affairs
12. SOURI, Hojatollah Position: Head of Evin prison Parliamentary deputy for Lorestan Province. Member of the Parliamentary Commission for Foreign and Security Policy.
Group ID: 12193.
Other information: Former Head of Evin prison
13. TAGHIPOUR, Reza DOB: –/–/1957.
POB: Maragheh, Iran
Position: Minister for Information and Communications. Member of the City Council of Tehran.
Group ID: 12647.
Other information: Former Minister for Information and Communications
14. TAMADDON, Morteza DOB: –/–/1959.
POB: Shahr Kord-Isfahan
a.k.a: TAMADON, Morteza
Position: IRGC Governor General of Tehran Province. Head of Tehran provincial Public Security Council Member of the IRGC.
Group ID: 12195.
Other information: Former IRGC Governor General of Tehran Province. Former Head of Tehran provincial Public Security Council
15. ZARGAR , Ahmad Position: Judge, Tehran Appeals Court, branch 36 Head of the ‘Organisation for the Preservation of Morality.
Group ID: 11803
Other information: Former Judge, Tehran Appeals Court, branch 36
HM Treasury


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