“Self-reliance” best gift to refugees; in Iran, back home

Tehran, April 14, IRNA – Donors assist the Islamic Republic of Iran to provide educational, livelihood and health services to over 882,000 refugees-the second largest refugee population in the world.
  Extending humanitarian aid, the Government of Denmark has recently made a 1.8 million dollar donation to support and protect refugees in Iran. “This donation will go a long way in providing refugees with a better chance of earning a living in order to provide for their families, availing them with improved access to vocational skills training”, says Fathiaa Abdalla, UNHCR Iran Officer in Charge.

To enhance refugee livelihood, this donation will help UNHCR towards provision of market-driven technical and vocational education and training to support refugees with sustainable living in Iran and upon their return to Afghanistan. All these interventions will greatly contribute to the diversification of livelihood opportunities and increase of human capital in the refugee community within the overall

framework of the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees.

These projects will result in assisting refugees while in Iran, hence alleviating the burden on the Government of Iran and also facilitate sustainable return and reintegration of refugees in their homeland, once they opt for voluntary repatriation, a news release issued by UNHCR said Monday.



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