Zarif: Iranians overseas among the ‘most effective minorities’

TEHRAN, April 9 (MNA) – Iran’s Mohammad Javad Zarif has addressed a meeting of elites of Iranians living in Austria.

The meeting was invited by Iran’s embassy in Vienna, hosted scientists, researchers, and economic elites, to whom Zarif addressed his speeches. “If anyone in the world thought that Iranians come to negotiation desk because of economic pressures, they would have wrong assessment of the situation. Iranians accepted to negotiate because of their moderate mentality and their penchant for balance and moderation in relations,” Zarif told the meeting. “The same people opting for moderation would not allow any power to speak with them by the language of denigration and threat. It is rooted in the historical depth of this nation,” he went on to say.

Zarif believed that the true base of Islamic Republic’s power is a belief fostered in the Islamic Republic about the cultural background for dialogue with the world. “What garners the respect of the true advocates of dialogue for the Islamic Republic is this belief in our culture on which base we speak to the world,” Zarif said.

He also pointed to great human capital of the Iranians overseas. “I strongly believe that in foreign policy, Iranians abroad are a powerful tool in exercising a foreign policy objectives saving for us our dignity as a nation,” the FM added, “the Iranians wherever in the world are the most literate, most effective, and civilized minorities in the host country; however, no organized plan had sought to exploit such potentials for the benefit of Iran.”

Zarif also warned the others. “No one would think that speaking against Iran would go unpunished. This great human resource should effectively work for Iran’s national interests. If so, no one would dare to trade Iran for their own interests, and you and we should not allow anyone such audacity,” he said.

By Mehr News Agency

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