Travelling in Iran: useful apps

Here are 5 iPhone and iPad apps I use travelling in Iran.

1. Skype – great way to keep in touch with family and friends. Signal in Iran is usually pretty good, and all hotels have wifi. There is not problem connecting with people you care about.

2. iFarsiNum – one of my favourites. Numbers in Farsi are different to Roman or Arabic. To be able to pay, one needs to know what those characters in the menu mean. The app is very simple to use – just enter Arabic numbers, and it translates them in Farsi.

3. iFarsi – excellent English-Persian dictionary. It helped me so many times to ask directions or to have simple chat with locals. People love when travellers try to have a conversation, even if it means to type English words frantically, hoping that Farsi translation would make sense. The only downside: the app does not have an audio version.

4. Instagram – it is one of the best ways to share your photos and the progress of your trip in Iran with everyone who follows your adventures. Many social media sites are still blocked in Iran. Luckily, Instagram works. All you need is to connect your account to Facebook and Twitter accounts. The downside – you will be able to reply only to comments left by your Instagram followers.

5. Photosynth – easy to use app that creates panoramas. Iran is a stunning country, rich in history and culture. Photosynth helps to capture street life and beautiful buildings in one panoramic shot, rather than a group of photographs.

Of course, there are more good apps for those who travel in Iran. I also use McTube (for western movies), SoundCloud (for good music) and Mental Note (for on-the-go diary). If you want to share your experience – leave a comment below.

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