Iran’s nuclear achievements; from nuclear medicine to clean fuel

TEHRAN, April 9 (MNA) – After years of Iran’s nuclear achievements, now researchers in the country have exploited new possibilities in medicine.

Among the achievements of Iran’s nuclear research are nuclear medicine products, a nuclear hospital, and a place for Iran among countries producing clean fuel through nuclear fusion. On April 9 2006, the Islamic Republic of Iran recorded the greatest achievement of its technological history with operating the second series of new centrifuges in Natanz Nuclear Complex and industry-level uranium enrichment and a complete enrichment chain. The IAEA listed Iran among the countries having uranium enrichment technology.

The success brought other products for Iran based on nuclear technology such as nuclear medicine, accelerators and agricultural products free of pathogens, which contributed greatly to the public health and food safety through agriculture; it also helped projects to meet the needs in medical facilities; and it catapulted Iran in terms of clean fuel production through nuclear fusion.

Countries contributing to the ITER (originally an acronym of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) are in orange dots are active in fusion technology and Iran is the only country in the Middle East having such technology.

By Mehr News Agency


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