Writing travelogue helps cultural tourism burgeon

TEHRAN, April 8 (MNA) – The secretary of third Nasir Khosrow Travelogue Writing festival has believed writing travel books help cultural tourism burgeon.

Reza Dabirinejad told Mehr News that writing travelogue would help traveler to record data of different places the traveler visited. “It also could help introduce natural, cultural, and historical places and improve the public awareness and understanding of the very travel,” he said.

Dabirinejad maintained that travelling was a special type of experimenting with different time and geography. “There was a time when travel was a difficult enterprise; travelers moved heavily and slowly on horseback, camels, and mules, and wrote their experiences of the visits,” he added.

“Nasir Khosrow was such a traveler and the most quintessential of travelers who penned down their experiments. Today, travelling is easy and documenting experiences even easier, and it is not limited to only experiences of travel,” Dabirinejad believed.

He assessed writing virtual travelogues as important as necessary. “With the advent of mass communication technology and the plethora of ways of recording experiences and even videos and audios, preparing a travelogue is a matter of minutes,” he added.

He said that through a virtual travel in the world of Internet, one could publish online his travels. “In the distant past, travelers such as Nasir Khosrow required a complete and detailed description of a place to create an informative piece. Now, films could best feature a place or an event in the best way as possible,” he asserted.

He said that the festival would be in 2 sections. “The first section includes writings, photos, films, audios, and blogging. The special section hosts children’s section, New Year’s travelogues, and tour workshops,” he added.

A Tehran-round tour will also host participants where they would record their experiences through photos and writings, and participate in the festival.

By Mehr News Agency


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